Smarten Flexible Silicone Rubber Spatulas (Standard) 600ºF Heat-Resistant
Smarten Flexible Silicone Rubber Spatulas (Standard) 600ºF Heat-Resistant
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  • Ergonmic Easy to clean Flexible turner Spatula Design
  • Long Blade for easy flipping of most foods.
  • Dishwasher Safe and BPA free
  • Heat Resistant 600ºF
  • Reinforce S-core Steel Technology
  • Safe to use with non stick cookware.
The extra flexible and ultra thin spatulas will help you flip and lift many types of food with ease. The ultra thin heads slide smoothly under foods, while the flexibility means you can lift and turn with little effort. From pancakes and omelettes, to cookies, fish, steak and so much more - the spatulas may become your new best friends in the kitchen! The silicone utensils will treat your expensive non stick pans with care - the silcone coated heads are firm enough to mix, flip and stir with ease, yet coated in soft, flexible silicone so no more scratches. The utensils has ergonomic handles and are high heat resistant and dishwasher safe - clean up is a breeze, as nothing sticks to silicone. You will soon find this to be an essential set of cooking tools for your kitchen! Like all StarPack Products, the utensils will last years with proper care - they are made with food grade silicone that is heat resistant to 600°F and they are BPA free.Length: 11.8"Blade Length: 4.5"Blade Width: 3"


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